Spend Spring Break Thinking About Post-Grad

Spring break is the perfect time to start thinking about post-grad opportunities. You finally have some free time to start planning your course of action.

Grad school?
Full-time internship?
Full-time job?
Move back home?

The possibilities are endless to the point where soon-to-be graduates are practically drowning in them. If you’re anything like me you have about a thousand questions and a lot of different ideas (some irrational, some totally plausible) about what’s going to happen after May.

If you’re considering grad school, here’s a great resource from Pearson that offers the why’s and why not’s, FAQ’s and other helpful resources to answer all your questions.

If you’re not quite ready to enter the real-world workforce, a full-time internship this summer is a great alternative. You can gain more experience without the pressure of committing to a real job.

If you have a yen for travel now is the time. Ask for a trip for your graduation present! If you don’t go now, you might never go at all. The only people who have more free time than recent grads are retired seniors.

Are you looking to save some money? Moving back home is something many post-grads do. As long as you’re sure you’re doing it to save money and not just hide from your real-world responsibilities, it can be a sensible option.

If you’re totally ready to start your full-time job then spring break is the ideal time to start looking around and applying. Make a list of the places you might like to be and then search for companies, organizations or agencies in those places. Be aware of what type of environment you want to work in; is it formal where you have to wear business professional or are you looking for an informal place where you can wear jeans? A company’s website can tell you a lot about the atmosphere.

Some great job resources are LinkedIn groups, Indeed.com, CareerBuilder.com or your college or university’s career center!

What are some ways you’re preparing for post-graduation? Not planning on looking for jobs for a while? Tell us why!

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