How About A Trade?

Trading a service for a service is not a new concept and with more and more small businesses sprouting up, trading is becoming increasingly popular. Because most small businesses don’t have a huge stream of income just yet, trading services is extremely beneficial for both parties. If you are looking to do some public relations work of your own but need a few more resources, trading is a great idea. Here are few ways that it can be a very useful tool.

Everyone benefits. While trading may appear to mainly benefit the small business or freelancer, the point of trading is so that everyone gets something they need. For instance, if a small blog team is in need of professional head shots, they can offer the photographer free promotion on social media and a blog post highlighting their work in exchange for those shots. It should foster a symbiotic relationship.

Your network increases. By reaching out to multiple outside parties, you are reaching out to potential clients. Every connection made, whether a trade develops from it or not, is a connection that can be beneficial in the future. That’s why keeping in touch with different contacts is so important. You never know how they can help you, or how you can help them, in the future.

Anyone can do it! Something I occasionally fail to realize is that my resources are not limited to my own circle. Networking and trading allows absolutely anyone to go beyond the means of their own group of colleagues and introduce themselves to new possibilities. You may have something to offer that others never knew about and by expanding your scope, you also expand the group of people who are aware of your services as well.

Is there a service you could use or something you can offer? Share your thoughts on trading below!

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