Searching for Your First Internship? Find One That Suits Your Interests

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Finding an internship is tricky especially for your first one. With so many options to choose from where do you start?
For me, I thought about what area of public relations I would enjoy working in, and this ultimately pointed me in the right direction. I have always had a passion for photography and dance. My mom instilled in me a love for documenting everything, and I also have been dancing for 14 years studying ballet and pointe.
At Temple University, I received an email about an internship with the community relations department at The Rock School for Dance Education in Philadelphia and it definitely caught my eye. I previously heard of the dance School and knew they trained several professional dancers including Beckanne Sisk, who is now on CW’s show Breaking Pointe.
Before I applied, I made sure to research the school. I looked over their website and saw that the department does both public relations internally and externally in the community. I applied, interviewed for the position and have been interning there since September. It has been such a great experience writing pieces for their newsletter and assisting with events. I recently renewed the internship for this semester.
One reason I love this internship is because I am back in the dance industry. For 14 years, I was just a dancer taking classes and performing. Now, I am able to assist behind the scenes and learn what happens to make shows a success. This has fueled my love for my internship because I am so invested in their mission to provide excellence in dance training. It is great to see — through my press releases and pitches — that I am helping raise money to provide opportunities for the School’s dancers.
In addition, I have utilized my past experiences as a former dancer to develop strategies that promote the School and its mission to the community. Overall, I love how I am able to combine my passion for dance and public relations in a way that not only benefits The Rock School and its dancers but also myself.
Finding your first internship can be hard because there are so many to choose from. The first thing to do is look for internships that relate to your interests or hobbies. Like many people say if you do something you love, you will never work a day in your life. If you search for internships locally, it will be easier for you to travel and start small, but gain valuable experience along the way. If you enjoy using a company’s products or services, see if they have an internship available. Be proactive in your search and take chances — every internship is a learning experience.
What internship will your interests lead you to?
Written by PRowl staff member Shaun Luberski, this blog post was recently published on PRSSA National blog Progressions.

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