How to Deal with a Bad Boss

If you’ve never had a boss that you considered bad, you’re a very lucky individual. I’ve been working since I was 15 at a variety of jobs so I’ve encountered a few.  Sometimes they down-right don’t know what they’re doing and sometimes they’re selfish and mean. Other times they’re nice people, they just don’t have the proper education and training to be in charge of other people.

There is one bright side of having a bad boss. It’s character building and it teaches you a very valuable lesson: how to deal with difficult people. That’s important, since you’re going to come across more eventually.

If you do happen to have a boss that you just don’t get along with but you have to stick out the job for a while, here are some tips I’ve learned to make life easier for everyone:

  1. Don’t take things too personally. This is pretty hard, but chances are your boss is treating everyone poorly, not just you. If that isn’t the case…you should really reevaluate how badly you need the job.
  2. Remember there are always other options. If it’s your first internship or real job a bad boss can really discourage you from continuing a career in that industry. Don’t think that way! The majority of people in the world really are nice and want you to succeed, so go out and find some of them.
  3. Focus on the better things. Do you love your co-workers? Great! Hang out with them and try and stay out of your mean boss’s way.
  4. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. If your boss is treating you unfairly or makes you feel down every day, just tell them. Not everyone is empathetic so they might not realize they’re really hurting your feelings and effecting you.
Have you ever had to deal with an issue like this? Help others in similar situations and tell us what you did!
Although I’ve dealt with some bad bosses, I’ve found myself in an internship with a boss I really enjoy working with. You just have to keep searching and the right fit will come around.

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