Stay on Track This Semester

Classes have already begun for many colleges and universities and will start for the majority of the remaining ones today.  We might as well start off on the right foot this semester and pave the way for smooth sailing in the next several months.

  • Get a planner. Use it.
    There is no better way to stay on top of your schoolwork, social activities, and other commitments.  If you write everything down there is no reason to forget it. That way you’ll always know what’s coming up and what you have room for, be it homework or fun events.
  • Talk to someone new.
    Don’t be a loner on the first day of class. Scope out your classmates and sit next to someone who seems like they might have a similar vibe to you. You could end up making a great connection, helpful study buddy, and possibly even a new friend!
  • Go to office hours.
    Professors notice the students who go above and beyond in class. If you visit them during office hours you will stick out in their mind. Spending time outside of class with your professor will also ensure that all your questions get answered.
  • Eat breakfast.
    You’re a busy bee and you need energy for the day. Eating even just a little something for breakfast every day will keep you going through all your classes and extracurricular activities.  You’ll beat that mid-day funk and be able to perform at top speed.
These are just some of the things you can do to keep yourself on track for the upcoming semester.  Get organized right away and you’ll stay organized throughout.  End the year with a successful semester and reward yourself with a summer of fun (not that we’re counting down the days or anything)!
What will you be improving on this semester?

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