Three Top News Apps To Watch In 2014.

Keeping up with the news is important to every PR professional. With the changes in the world in regards to technology, there are different means and ways to receive data and keep up to date with what’s taking place. PBS wrote a blog on the top news apps to watch in 2014 and discussed their uniqueness. Below are three of the top news apps:

AP Mobile-  This is one of the news apps that focuses on providing original news content. This app is available on both IOS and Android and is best used on smartphones. AP Mobile provides trending news, sports and popular stories.

Taptu- This social media and technology company basically created a platform for their users to choose the different types of news that interests them. They describe it as “DJ your news” where you create your own vibe and style.

Google Play Newsstand-  This app was recently launched by Google to replace their old app Currents. This app provides their users access to blogs, digital magazines, RSS feeds, news agencies and gossip sites.

Each App has its differences and unique features to keep us up to date on news. For me, reading a newspapers is not my preference therefore I utilize the aforementioned apps to stay abreast on what’s taking place in the world today. Don’t let information pass you by, keep reading and continue staying up to date on current events.

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