Tools for Freelancers: MyPrice

One of my favorite things about PR is that it doesn’t take huge teams and corporate budgets to be able to offer services. In fact, many professionals opt to step away from the nine-to-five setting and into the home office to work as a freelancer. Freelance work is an awesome way to do what you love with maximum flexibility and control. But for every pro that comes with freelancing comes a challenge, and one of those challenges (more often than not) is earning sufficient income and knowing what to charge.

Your rates say a lot about you as a freelancer. If your rates are too low, it may suggest that you are inexperienced or only used to working with lower-budget clients. If your rates are too high, you may be reaching too far and miss out on a larger medium-budget clientele. Finding that middle ground rate can be quite challenging, especially when first starting out.

MyPrice, an app available for iPad and iPhone, helps freelancers determine what their ideal rates and wages should be, without all of the extra hassle. MyPrice uses the characteristics and descriptions that you tell it about your projects to help calculate your rates. The app will also take into consideration your professional and education backgrounds, both of which are huge determinants of salary.
MyPrice was originally created with creative freelancers, such as web or graphic designers, in mind. Now, the app also includes projects such as SEO integration and online marketing, which are more useful to PR professionals.This is a great tool to have as a freelancer, and it is offered for only $1.99 via the Apple App Store. A small investiment can make a huge impact in the rest of your professional earnings as a freelancer. Having a tool to help you handle the calculations gives you more time to focus on catering to your clients and building your professional brand.
Have you ever taken on freelance work? Which tools did you use to help manage your business?

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