Tips To Be A More Productive Blogger

Recently, PR Daily posted an article listing 23 ways to become a more productive blogger. From that list, I chose to highlight five tips that I feel could be most beneficial.

  1. Consider your workplace. Make sure you’re in an environment that you can be the most productive in. Whether that’s in a cafe full of people or a quiet corner in the library, put yourself in a space that will foster your best work.
  2. Know why you blog. Keeping your mission statement, or the reason why you blog, in the front of your mind is essential. Not only does it help to focus your content, but constantly reminding yourself why you blog can be a great motivator to keep pressing forward.
  3. Keep an idea list. From personal experience, this is beyond helpful. If you’re in a bind and can’t seem to put pen to paper, an idea list can prevent writer’s block. It always seems that the best ideas come at the most obscure times, so make sure you have a place to jot them down to reference later.
  4. Embrace flow. It’s not all the time that the words just seem to flow so when they do, don’t stop! Take advantage of this sudden burst of creativity and schedule several blog posts ahead of time. That way if/when writer’s block should strike again you’re prepared with a few posts that are ready to go.
  5. Just do it. You may not feel up to the task of writing every time you need to, but push through and just do it. Ramble if you have to, but get some thoughts on paper. You can edit later, but at least now there is content there to edit.
For all 23 tips you can view the original article here. Do you have any advice that can help fellow bloggers? Share them in the comments below!

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