2013 Taught Me

With just a day and a half left in 2013, I think it’s pretty important to recap what we have learned as PR professionals throughout this year. Otherwise, we might just make the same mistakes in 2014.

  1. PROOFREAD! If we have learned nothing else, I hope this blog and all of the mishaps we have covered have taught us all to read very carefully before clicking ‘post.’
  2. Twitter is actually 120 characters. That’s right, not 140 characters. If you want your followers to be more interactive, leave them a little room to interact!
  3. Some social media platforms are just trends. With new social networks and applications launching everyday, it can be difficult to determine which ones to invest your time in. Besides, in a few months they may just be swallowed up by an even bigger powerhouse. Simply stick to the needs of your client and its audience and choose platforms based on their needs.
  4. Relax. Of course this easier said than done. Of course we will probably have a few breakdowns in 2014. But, at least we’re going to make an conscious effort. Right?
  5. Stay true to yourself. Yes, I am going to end this list with a corny cliche, but this corny cliche is definitely relevant. It’s easy to lose yourself in your client, workload, tweets, and Instagram posts. But the best thing you can do for your client is to remain true to your standards. After all, that’s why they hired you.
What are some lessons that you learned this year? We would love to hear about your experiences. Comment below!

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