The Best Ads of 2013

AdWeek chose their top ten ads of 2013. 

You can check them out here.

The list includes KMart’s Ship My Pants commercial
and the Dove Real Beauty Sketches commercial, among others.
The ten videos that made the cut had a lot in common.  They were all either touching and heartwarming, like Chipotle’s “The Scarecrow” commercial or hilarious like the Geico “Hump Day” commercial.  Just as a story needs to be newsworthy by maintaining relevancy, the same goes for advertisements.  Ads achieve relevancy by making an impact on their viewers. These top ten ads do this by giving viewers something to take away, like a funny phrase (i.e. HUMP DAAAAAY) or a message that resonates with the heart.
Which ad is your favorite? What makes it stand out? We want to hear from you!

1 thought on “The Best Ads of 2013

  1. Those were all definitely very memorable commercials. The men in boxers I believe it was JCP's holiday commercial also got quite the buzz.

    Maggie A

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