Are You Fluent In Body Language?

Communication extends far beyond what we say in conversation with one another. Our posture, facial expressions and overall physical appearance sends messages that often speak louder than words. Not having a firm grasp on the language you subconsciously use everyday puts you at a huge disadvantage. While you may be communicating one thing verbally, your body may be sending a completely different message.

As public relations professionals, we may find ourselves preparing to speak in front of others on our client’s behalf. On the contrary, we may find ourselves preparing our client to address the public or media. It is crucial that this preparation include mention of body language. The right words delivered in the wrong manner could just have easily gone unsaid.

PR Daily recently posted an article on 10 body language tips every speaker should know. Before you or your client deliver a message in front of as audience, consider these tips to brush up on your body language.

1. Making direct eye contact with the audience forces them to pay attention, and makes you seem more likable. Looking down or at a prepared speech can come off an inauthentic.

2. Vary your hand gestures to keep the audience’s attention, especially if you are delivering a longer speech or presentation.

3. Positive gestures will reinforce a positive mood, and make the audience feel more positive as well! Smiling or showing a “thumbs up” after staying something good are positive gestures that the audience will respond well to.

4. Do not confine yourself to a podium or mic stand, make use of all of the space provided to you. Walking around and using space keeps the audience engaged by physically giving them something to follow: you!

All of these tips should be taken in context. Gauge your audience, determine how they are responding to you and make necessary adjustments. For the full list of tips, read PR Daily’s Article featuring a downloadable infographic,


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