Let Your Learning Lead to Action!

As we all know, knowledge is power. However, it isn’t power until you actually put your knowledge to use. A wise guy once told me ” Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge, let your learning lead to action.” This statement stayed close to me simply because of its truthfulness. How can one fully learn without actually doing it or putting your knowledge into action? You really can’t!

Therefore as you continue on your college journey, be sure to take action. This would only benefit you and add to your expertise. Below are different ways you can put your learning to action:

1. Internships- Yes, internships are mandatory in college but it’s ABSOLUTELY important. Lectures are just the form of learning but actually putting your learning into the work field is a form of action. You will never know what you understood in class until you put your theories, knowledge of case studies and class examples to use.

2. Volunteering- In college, learning about current events and issues that are faced by different countries and states are usually presented in our daily lives. Therefore, take action and assist different organizations that helps people who are in need.

Are there any other ways you have lead your learning into action? Share with us!


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