Declutter Your Life

At this point of the year, your brain is full to bursting with knowledge you may or may not ever use again (unless you’re taking all PR classes, then you’re just bursting with fabulous knowledge you’ll be grateful for forever)–am I right?

Before you have an inevitable mental breakdown, let me offer you some tips on how to declutter your mind and your life and help you breathe again.
Step 1: Organize your inbox.  Take half and hour to get all those emails either into a folder or into the trash. Did you feel the tension in your shoulders release? I thought so.
Step 2: Clean your room. It’s a lot easier to get work done when dirty socks and wash you should have folded a week ago aren’t staring you in the face.
Step 3: Situate your personal life. Is there tension between you and your roommates? Are you frustrated by a group project? Actually have a conversation with these people and you’ll see that coming to a solution isn’t as hard as it seems.
Step 4: Declutter your soul. It may sound cheesy but doing something that makes you feel good inside is incredibly beneficial.  Help out with a neighborhood clean-up or volunteer to work a 5k benefiting a good cause. A happier heart makes for a happier you.
What do you find most effective when you’re overwhelmed and feeling pretty cluttered?
Along those lines, check out this funny Buzzfeed video: 35 Things to Get Rid of to Declutter Your Life.

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