Have you done your StrengthsQuest?

In these modern times, it is very important to know what are your strengths in life. With the competitive environment we are currently in, knowing your strengths can not only be informative but it can also allow you to own what you are good at.

You ever had that one question in an interview that always left you thinking? Well, that one question for me was ” What are your strengths?” Yes I knew what I enjoyed doing but I never knew exactly what were my strengths besides the ones people complimented me on. This past weekend I attended a Conference and I was introduced to StrengthsQuest. This helpful assessment will make your life 5 times easier seeing that it basically informs you on your strengths.

StrengthsQuest is a 30 minute online assessment where it gathers your 5 strengths after you complete the questions provided. This assessment is known to help students become aware of their talents and it also assists employers on pooling together their candidates and employees by their strengths.

If you’ve done your StrengthsQuests,  what are your five strengths? We will love to know!

This past weekend I attended a Conference where they promoted the

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