Utilizing Your Current Applications

Time management is the one skill that people of all ages continually grapple with. You would assume at a certain point, you will just have your life together. However, regardless of all of your efforts, some things still seem to slip through the cracks. 

On this blog, staff members have introduced us to new phone applications to help better organize our lives. However, it’s surprising to me how many people do not utilize apps that are already on our phones. These apps that may fade into the background for some, are essential to me for getting every task done. 
Alarm clock: While most may simply use this app to wake up in the morning, it’s also a great tool to remind you of tasks other then cutting your sleep short. The alarm clock is perfect for reoccurring events. It’s also helpful for time management and can help you ensure that you aren’t pulling an all-nighter for only one assignment but rather utilizing that time to get multiple assignments checked off your to-do list.
Calendar: Personally, I’m not sure where I would be without this application. Similar to the alarm clock, it serves as a reminder but provides much more detail. I primarily use this for professional tasks. If I promise to follow up with someone, I immediately set a calendar reminder for that date with details on the person I’m working with and our previous conversation. That way, I won’t be flustered when the time comes to send a follow up email.
Notes: This is one of the most self-explanatory, and yet least-used, applications. It’s perfect if you’re caught without a pen and paper and need to jot down something important. What’s more, you can sync notes with your email account. Should you accidentally delete a  note, it will still be stored under a folder in your email. It’s extremely convenient and you didn’t have to waste precious storage space downloading another app to your phone.  
If all of these applications are common ground for you and you use them already, that’s great! However, some people are searching for the perfect app to keep them organized when what they’re looking for may already be on their home screen.  

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