PRSSANC Professional Development Workshops

As we know, at the PRSSA national conference there will be a variety of programs and diverse topics that are available for participants. From tips on pitching to the media to insights on Fashion PR, PRSSA touched on every corner of the PR world and also fulfilled the PR public’s needs by providing beneficial information.

In the Professional development workshops, the one segment that caught my attention is the Perspective From large and Small Organizations: Association and Nonprofit Public Relations. As Nonprofit Public Relations sector continue to grow and develop, I believe this workshop will bring necessary information to us, college students. One of the presenters, Amanda Bednar, has more than 13 years of communication and marketing experience in the nonprofit and higher education sector. With her experience, knowledge and dedication to the communications field, your intellect is sure to develop.

Are there any other workshops that caught your attention?  We will like to know!

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