Staying On The Right Track

Lately I have felt like nothing has gone my way. Whether it is in school, work or my personal life, I have been feeling like I just can’t win. Although I was feeling down and not myself, I realized complaining and not tackling my problems only makes matters worse. If I wanted to succeed, I needed to get out of this funk!
Below are tips PR students should know in order to stay on the right track to success, taken from PR Daily:
1. Balance– Whatever you do, do not spread yourself too thin. It may be easy to sign up for a number of activities but the work you do inthe activities is what makes a difference. Show up to every activity and event like it’s your first and only.
2. Process is not progress– Hard work goes a long way, but is what you’re doing getting you the results you worked for? Clients and employers like to see results, not just the “work” you’ve done. Keep a mindset of what you want to accomplish, and do it.
3. Done is better than perfect– It’s good to be your worst critic and a perfectionist at times. But don’t let your perfectionist ways hold you back. You need to be confident in your work so you have the ability to knock out your next project.
4. Sit at the table– It is important to stand out from others instead of just blending in. Build relationships with people you’ve never met and make an impression that will last. Always remember: A little bit goes a long way.
Ultimately, do not think your problems are the end of the world. Take your problems one day at a time and work through them. Prove yourself wrong and learn from the situation to be better and do better. The right track is always out there; you just need to decide if you’re willing to take it.

This guest blog post was written by PRowl Staff Member Amanda White.

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