How Introverts Can Succeed in PR

It is a common misconception that introverts lack social skills and an awareness of standard social cues. By that extension, it would appear that the world of public relations, with its emphasis on social interaction and networking, would be an ill fit for an introvert. On the contrary, introverts with their characteristics of thoughtfulness, prudence and creativity, can bring a sense of balance to the workplace and successfully stand out in a group of Chatty Cathy’s.
Introverts are great listeners and clear communicatorsIntroverts are known to be pensive and conceptual. When in conversation, an introvert will often fully listen and analyze what the other person is saying and before responding, will have thought out a valuable reply. While an extrovert may have the gift of gab in small-talk, an introvert is great in crafting insightful and objective messages.
Introverts value meaningful relationships: Introverts thrive on the creation and maintenance of deep, mutually-respected relationships with others. In public relations, where building a sense of rapport and trust with a client is vital, the natural skills of an introvert are ideal.
Introverts excel in social media: In our social media-driven industry, social networking is the public relations godsend for introverts. For those that may not be as comfortable in traditional networking settings, the internet provides endless opportunities. Valuable relationships can form from social networking where introverts, with their quiet contemplation and creativity, can have the upper-hand.
Introverts think before acting: In public relations, how you respond- particularly in the face of controversy- can be a make or break situation for your client. Introverts are methodical, meticulous and incredibly thoughtful in the way they enact effective public relation strategies. Using forethought before taking action can be the difference in smooth-sailing or ending up neck-deep in a PR crisis.
Still need convincing that introverts can’t be as successful in the workplace? Bill Gates, Barbara Walters and Barack Obama are just a few of the famous individuals who identify as introverts!
This guest blog post was written by PRowl Staff Member Cara Graeff.

1 thought on “How Introverts Can Succeed in PR

  1. I agree that introverts are not necessarily socially inept. I appreciate that this post discusses the importance of strategic planning and messaging in public relations, and how introverts like me often excel in these thought-heavy public relations practices. Audience research, writing and media relations are important to successful strategic communications campaigns. I would argue that introverts are especially well-suited for public relations work, as their ability to listen and mentally process information creates a strong foundation for successful campaign implementation.

    -Marc Patnode
    Public Relations Student at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

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