Bypassing Writer’s Block

If you are having trouble finding something to put on paper or formulating words to create a sentence, you are experiencing writer’s block. I could agree and say experiencing the inability to write a paper probably knocked on every professional writer and non-writer’s door at least once and according to research, most times it stems from anxiety and fear of writing.

As for me, I experience writer’s block when I’m nervous about a topic or if I’m not too confident on a topic. Being too nit picky can cause your flow of ideas and creativity to not be present in your writing seeing that you are putting too much of your focus on not making mistakes.

Whenever you are experiencing writer’s block while writing a paper, follow the following tips below:

Avoid strict writing rules that inhibit writers- One strict rule is when professors always stress the need for beginning every paragraph with a topic sentence. Yes these rules are probably there to guide you while writing your paper but focusing solely on these rules can be a cause for your writer’s block.  Loosen up, write and when you are revising your paper then fix your paper to suit your professor’s styling.

Create short sections, and write one section at a time-  Taking things in small batches always seems to work. Therefore, write your paper in sections so that you can focus on one idea at a time. This allows your writing to flow much easier.

Take a break- If you are stressing it, your creativity and writing will not flow. Moving away from your paper and taking a break is definitely needed at times. Take a walk or a nap and then get back to it. Now that your mind is refreshed, I can guarantee you ideas will begin flowing.

What other methods do you use when you are experiencing writer’s block? We will love to know!

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