When Personal Profiles Should Stop Being So Personal

At what age did you get your first Twitter account? How about Facebook, MySpace, Bebo? Think back to some of your earliest posts, or maybe even a post from last week. Were you quoting the latest rap song or networking with potential employers?
Some students often miss the transition from college kid to aspiring professional when it comes to social media interaction. Gone are the days when we can talk about how much we hate our ex during an alcohol-induced Twitter rant without any consequences…or did those days ever really exist? Now more than ever in this new technology age, we have to be even more diligent about the content we choose to share on social networks.

Not only do employers check social networks during their hiring process, but there has also been an increase of people who have gotten their foot in the door through those networks. Social networks are becoming a great place to network with the exact contact you need for the company you’ve been eyeing. They are also becoming a new hub for employers to post new job openings, internships, or open interviews. However, if you are still exhibiting unprofessional behavior online, chances are these opportunities will pass you by. Make sure to avoid these five habits and you should be just fine.
Are there a few things you should clean out of your social networks? Tell us about your own experience of creating a more professional appearance online.

1 thought on “When Personal Profiles Should Stop Being So Personal

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