Do Bloggers Need Business Cards?

Blogging can range from being a sporadic hobby to a full time job. While it may be a nontraditional career choice, running a successful blog still requires the creation of a consistent brand. Like many other nontraditional self-employed entrepreneurs, there are plenty of opportunities where bloggers can travel, network, and promote their blog and their brand. When these opportunities come up, having something tangible to leave with people you meet is essential, and this is where business cards for bloggers come in!
If you are a blogger on the fence about buying business cards, here are a few things to consider:
  • Business cards offer another way for you to express and share parts of your personality. A business card leaves a lasting impression of who you are.
  • It helps to build your legitimacy as a blogger and shows that you take your brand and craft seriously. If you’re looking for opportunities to branch out and expand your blog, you want people to take you seriously.
  • Having business cards with you when you meet new bloggers makes it easy for them to find your blog later. Making connects and networking with other bloggers is essential to growing your readership..
  • Having business cards will make you take yourself more seriously. Knowing that you have the professional tools to be successful will inspire you to branch out more. Of course you’ll attend blogging conferences and workshops knowing that you are professionally prepared!
Are you sold yet? Business cards for bloggers can only be beneficial. With the wide variety of online resources, creating personalized business cards is easy, quick, and cost effective. When designing your business cards, remember to keep the colors and logo consistent with the design of your blog. Also, make sure that you get them printed by a quality printing company on nice card stock.
Are you a blogger? Have you created a business card to reinforce your brand? Would you consider it? We want to hear from you!

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