How To Join the Mentorship Program at Temple PRSSA

Last fall, Temple PRSSA introduced a mentorship program for its members. The program, so far, has been incredibly successful in matching up an upperclassman, or an executive board member (the mentor) with a younger PRSSA member (the mentee) and creating a relationship where the mentor helps to guide the mentee through their journey of studying and learning to practice the art of public relations and their life at Temple here as a whole! The mentor, as an older student, is a person who can answer potential questions about the major itself, what classes to take when, resume and internship questions and anything else about Temple. Oftentimes, a mentor will serve as a role model for their mentee. 

Becoming a mentor within Temple’s chapter of PRSSA has been such a rewarding experience for me. I have been able to inspire my mentee to aspire a career in a field that I am extremely passionate about. Being able to share my love of PR with someone and watching them express that same dedication to this field is something indescribable.

In order to be a mentor, you must be a dues paying member of PRSSA and be able to take the time to both meet and communicate with your mentee. The mentee must be able to meet with their mentee(s) at least once a month, and contact them on a weekly basis. This may include texting, emailing, chatting on Facebook- whatever method of communication that suits each party best outside of face-to-face meetings. The more communication the better though!

If you are interested  please feel free to contact Rachel Draghi at with any questions or concerns you may have! Applications will be due on October 1st, 2013 for the fall semester.

To learn more, please visit

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