Don’t Miss A Stitch!

This year’s New York City Fashion Week prompted new abstract methods of updating fashion followers.The yesteryears of pre-writing stories weeks in advance to run during Fashion Week, then waiting for collections to arrive in stores to cover them are now replaced with play-by-play coverage. Listed below are some of the ways PR professionals have put a spin on giving onlookers the sense of truly taking part in the Mercedes Benz NYFW.

1. Behind The Scenes
Faces of NYFW gives a behind the scenes look of who showed up and what it really looks like backstage. Those in attendance can submit pictures via Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr to Faces of NYFW.

2. Serious Innovative created “The In Cloud” which ranks the most influential people in the fashion industry for viewers’ discretion. They also developed the “Fashion Tracker” which locates attendees on a NYC map from their social media updates on the shows.

3.     Pinterest- Targeting the Fashion Market
Pinterest is now making it easier to find related posts on their Fashion Week hub- This hub features designer brands and style experts’ boards with the latest and greatest of NYFW.

4.     Instagram- Instant Pictures, Instant Interest
Plugging in common hash tags will lead you to endless posts on NYFW by designers, fashion magazines/bloggers and news channels. Some include #NYFW, #MBFW, #SS14, #fashioninmotion, #behindthefashion, etc. Instagram provides eye-catching images captioned with descriptive details on the designer, model, photographer, etc.

5.     Video- Live Streaming To The Max
As usual there are live shows streamed from and Some of the newest videos covering the shows were viewed through a serious of visual diaries produced by The New York Times on interpretations of line, pattern, volume, etc. This content created interactive buzz on all things fashion- think this was the PR professionals’ purpose?
Gaining an all access pass to one of the most exclusive events of the year is no simple task. This time it was made possible and as Women’s Wear Daily put it, the ramped-up social media and live streaming led Fashion Week to become a veritable “digital spectator sport.”
Innovative media marketing is catching fire in the PR world so stay tuned!

This guest blog post was written by PRowl Staff Member Nicole Leo.

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