Cherry-ing On and Off The Field

As thousands of students and fans poured in to Lincoln Financial Field this past Saturday to watch the Temple Owls take on the Houston Cougars in their first home game, a new slogan circulated around the stadium, filled Twitter feeds and became a popular Instagram hashtag. “Cherry On,” the new spirit campaign getting students and alumni amped up for the school year and football season, is helping to fuel Temple pride nationally.
The phrase “Keep Calm and Cherry On” has become tremendously popular, with many students sporting shirts with the slogan on it. Even more so, the “CherryOn” hashtag is being used by many student organizations as a way to get involved with the campaign off the field.
The quest to spread school spirit and the Temple brand across the city of Philadelphia doesn’t just include a social media presence. For the first time ever, pop up pep rallies are being held at Temple University’s Center City campus in an effort to get the whole city on board with Cherry On.
Not only does Cherry On pertain to game days, but it also is a way for students to keep the spirit of Temple alive on main campus. Students are encouraged to show their school spirit by wearing Temple gear, preferably cherry-colored, to class on Fridays. Tweets such as “On Friday, we wear Cherry #CherryOn” and “Mondays are tough, but #CherryOn TU” not only promote spirit at sporting events, but also help to create a feeling of unity and pride across campus every day.

Remember to wear your cherry to campus on Fridays and join the fun in Cherry-ing On!

This guest blog post was written by PRowl Staff Member Tessa Cohn.

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