Bad Internship Habits To Kick

Bad work habits. We all have them. Bringing those negative habits into your internship experience is a definite no-no. Afterall, internships are meant to be your shining moment where you should be doing your absolute best to get recognition within your company.

Here are some common ones that you should be kicking to the curb once you step foot in the office:

  • Procrastination. Almost everyone is guilty of this.
  • Saying “um” or “like” every other word. It’s nerves. Try to catch yourself saying these words and eliminate the from your professional vocab.
  • Being quiet. In meetings or at outings. Speak up. They want to hear your voice.
  • Skipping over emails. Not on purpose, just not flagging them properly.
  • Being late. Time and time again. Just because you get away with it once…
  • Slouching. In meetings and at our desk. Try to keep good posture.
  • Venting. Co-workers and friends. Sometimes we just have to suck it up and keep our mouth shut.
  • Hitting send too fast. Proofread everything. Make sure you’re sending to the right person.
  • Never taking a break. Everyone needs at least 10 minutes to enjoy lunch. Take one!
  • Being negative. Especially when you’re stressed. Always look at the glass half full.

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