The Difference Between Editing and Revising

Proofreading, editing, and revising are keywords that should be at the forefront of every PR professional’s mind. In an industry that requires many different forms of writing materials, we are constantly going through each of these steps in the writing process. Depending on the area of the industry you are in, you may find that these steps happen in a team, or individually. Knowing the difference between editing and revising is key to producing high quality work for your client or portfolio.
Here is a breakdown between the two:
Editing focuses mostly on the surface level material. Are all words spelled and used correctly? Do the sentences flow and implement proper punctuation? Spelling and grammatical errors should be eliminated during the editing process. After editing, you should find that your piece is a solid foundation, but the next step is where it becomes more polished.
During the revising process, rather than look for simple grammatical errors, you should think deeper into the content of your writing. Do the points and major topics flow well together in a way that makes sense to the reader? Is the piece structured in a way that keeps readers interested in what you’ve written? Revising may involve switching the order of sentences or paragraphs, or even re-writing sections to better state your points or provide clarification.
Many times, the revising step is skipped completely or confused with editing. Simply editing your work isn’t enough, proper revising is the best way to insure you are putting your best pen forward. To really guarantee strong writing, have someone else look over your work! Getting a different perspective may offer new insights into your work that you wouldn’t have seen on your own!
Do you edit and revise your work before considering it done? How often do you let a second pair of eyes look over your work for you? Share your writing experiences with us!

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