The Great Debate: Education vs. Experience

There has been something on my mind lately as I apply for internships and begin another semester here at Temple. Should I be focusing more of my time on internships or my classes? When it comes to getting a job after college, what is valued more in an employee: experience or education?
There have been many opinions stated in favor of one or the other. However, I would argue that both matter, especially in the public relations field, experience not only compliments a degree, it is necessary to get a job.
I believe that an education makes for a foundation of a skill. However, for an education to be valuable, one has to make the most of it by taking advantage of the opportunities that campus offers. Certainly, a high class standing and grade point average are important and will help contribute to getting a job.
However, how can you perfect the skills you have learned without real-world practice? Think of it this way: when you are in an interview, usually the interviewer is looking for what experience you have in that field.
That is why, in the public relations profession, internships, shadowing, and volunteer opportunities are important. These experiences, along with a degree, will help to prepare you for the workforce. A company is going to feel more comfortable hiring someone who has past experience rather than someone with an education alone.
So, as we venture out into the professional world, what will your resume show? I hope that it is a blend of an educational base along with knowledge and experience of the PR world! What’s your opinion on the debate? We would love to know!
This guest blog post was written by PRowl Staff Member Kaitlyn Mashack.

1 thought on “The Great Debate: Education vs. Experience

  1. yeah, they are looking to see not just if people have an education but if they can actually work.!

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