Press Release Follow Up Etiquette

You developed your media pitches and press releases, sent it to various media outlets and what’s next? A follow up! A follow up after sending a press release is just important as washing your hands after gardening. After you send out your releases, give the media approximately two days to read them and then proceed with a follow up.

When doing your phone call follow-ups:
1. Keep your conversation short and brief – First and foremost, when making phone follow ups, be sure to ask if its a good time to talk. Journalists and Writers are usually busy and are always on the go, therefore know exactly what you are going to say prior to making this phone call.
2. Don’t be pushy, but be assertive- This is self explanatory. When calling be sure and confident in what you’re saying.
3. Be interesting and enthusiastic- Don’t call to explain exactly what you included in the press release, this approach can become monotonous very quickly and journalists don’t have the time.
4. Always thank them for their time-  Common courtesy plays an important role in PR. Don’t forget your manners.
In these modern times with all the social media and different ways to contact persons via the internet, making phone calls is not usually first on the list for some persons when following up. However, it deems to be very effective so the next time you have to follow up,  pick up the phone and follow the aforementioned etiquette tips!

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