Should I Stay or Should I Go?

As the Summer comes to an end, many of us are preparing to leave the internships we’ve held for the past months. This can be a tough time, as you’ve likely made friends and great connections that you won’t want to leave behind. Once you develop a routine and relationships at an internship, not having it anymore can be a huge change.

Because you are an amazing intern, it is likely that your boss will be just as sad to see you leave. Depending on where you intern and how their program is run, your boss may even ask you to stay on the team for a little longer. This is great, as it’s a sign that you’ve done something right and you’ve made an impact on the team there! However, before you answer, consider these things:

Why am I staying? Do you really want to stay at this internship, or are you just afraid to put yourself out there again? Fear should never be a determining factor in your professional decisions.

Will they continue to challenge me? If you know that you’d be staying on working on the same projects, it may not be beneficial for you to stay aboard. The purpose of an internship is to push yourself into new experiences and learn from trying new things. Doing the same thing for another 3-4 months isn’t ideal.

Do I want to intern someplace else? It’s perfectly fine to want to experience different professional environments. You only have certain times where an internship is possible, so make sure you are gaining experiences from a variety of places that interest you.

Can I afford to keep interning? Many students work during certain seasons and semesters to save up and match the difference of an unpaid internship. Will keeping your current internship fit within the limits of your budget?

No matter your reasoning or what you decide, you should respond to your boss in a polite and timely manner. If you decide to leave, they will have to begin interviewing applicants, so don’t take too long and leave them without help. If you decide to stay, remember to communicate with your boss what your expectations for the months to come are.

Are you currently deciding whether to stay at or leave an internship? What factors are you considering?

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