Tips for a Telephone Interview

The first step in the interview process after sending out your resume and getting a response is often a phone interview.  The interview could be with a person from human resources who just wants to ask a few general questions, or it could be with the person who is going to be hiring you. It could be five minutes; it could be half an hour.  The point of a preliminary phone interview is for an employer to figure out if they would like to bring you into the office for a face-to-face conversation.

Here are some tips from an article that can help you prepare for a phone interview:

1. Hold your interview in a quiet space

2. Provide details

3. Be prepared

4. Don’t be afraid to speak up

5. Avoid rambling

6. Be confident

7. Listen carefully

8. Take your time

9. Don’t get flustered

You should prepare for a phone interview the same way you would prepare for a regular interview.  This is your chance to provide your potential employer with information about yourself that will make them want to meet you in person.  As a bonus, phone interviews are a great way to showcase your phone etiquette since it is such an important part of PR.

Do you have any other phone interview tips? Let us know!

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