What defines your PRofile?

Similar to many aspiring college students and professionals in any field, we question our chosen career path at some point. I began doubting my majors’ (public relations) direction earlier this year, skeptic of my capabilities and believing happiness was somewhere else. As a positive and confident person, this created an existential dilemma. That was until earlier this week when I realized that the “treasured” field I yearn for exists within me.
Heart: Passion is crucial when reaching your fullest potential. Whether it be tackling an assignment or maintaing a relationship, your heart has to be in it. For my PR ladies and gents, we know PR is constantly moving, with no one day being the same. Clients push for more and deadlines are pressuring, but continuing a fervor work ethic is promising. You owe it to your company and yourself to do what you love.
Mind: “No two minds think alike” goes without saying. Too often we are influenced by negativity and discouraged by colleagues (or friends). Our thoughts and ideas make us who we are and should never be quieted by outsiders. PR requires fresh, creative ideas daily. Be proud and speak of your visualization, it can be very encouraging. 
Soul: We meet new faces regularly, network as often as possible and work to build a social group, never finding ourselves in one place for too long. The only thing that is permanent in our travels is the impression we leave behind. The soul is your highest self being, emulating who you really are. Allow your soul to radiate; we are all parts of a greater entity. 
Just a few days ago I saw the light in my major; myself. All 3 of these things need to be a part of our career (and life) choices. Give your undivided self to all you that you do. 
I am proud to continue forward in my public relations major using these 3 things to define me. What’s defines your PRofile? We would love to know!
This guest blog post was written by PRowl Staff Member Caitlin Kummeth.

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