We’ve all been followed by Twitter accounts that are clearly just following massive amounts of people in order to get followed in return.  That is definitely not the way to build a quality Twitter audience, which is important to have in a field like public relations.  These articles from Social Media Examiner and Media Bistro seem to agree on some tips to help gain followers and build your Twitter presence.

1. Pay attention to your profile.
Using relevant information in your Twitter bio along with a quality headshot picture is a great start towards attracting new followers.

2. Engage–but not with strangers.
Sometimes people seem to think reaching out to strangers on Twitter will help them gain a follower or two, and in some cases that may be true, but the best people to engage with are the ones that are already in your network.  If you do this, it will show others that you are active and they will want to follow and engage with you too.

3. Use Twitter directories.
Who knew there was such a thing? Sites like www.wefollow.com help segment prominent Twitter users into categories. So if you’re looking for influential people to follow, check it out.

4. Share your Twitter on other networks.
I personally dislike when people have every social network linked so I see something they post four times on four different sites.  However, linking your Twitter to other networks can definitely be beneficial.  If someone who doesn’t follow you (yet) sees something you tweet because it’s linked to your Facebook, they might be inclined to check you out.

Do you have any tips or tricks for building an effective Twitter following? Let us know!

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