5 Tips For Closing A Summer Internship

You’ve landed the internship and gained experience, so now what? As the last day of our internships appears in our planners, it is important to take the necessary steps to exit professionally. Remember interns come and go; it is time to get strategic about leaving a lasting impression. Below are five tips on how to end an internship in a professional, yet memorable manner:  
  • Send a thank you note. Mail a handwritten card thanking your supervisor for the opportunity. Make the note unique by mentioning a favorite experience or skill you learned. Avoid sounding like a robot or an emotional Hallmark card.
  • Link in with employees. Connect with employees and fellow interns that you have met on LinkedIn. Sending a personal message rather than the standard invite will make you stick out. If you have other appropriate social media platforms, connect!
  • Exchange emails. This may sound like a given, but collecting a supervisor’s personal email is crucial for staying in touch. What if they move to another company and lose their company email?
  • Take care of unfinished business. Plan to complete all tasks and projects you have been working on before you leave. This may mean putting extra hours in or extending your last day. Your dedication and hard work will shine through and leave an excellent impression.
  • Sit down with your supervisor. Set up a time to chat with your supervisor. The talk does not have to be formal. If you are not sure what to say consider asking questions about the company, school, future opportunities, the industry, advice and your performance. The door is wide open! Your supervisor has deadlines and their time is precious so don’t forget to be appreciative and sincerely thank them for their time!
Do you have an internship or two under your belt? Please share your expertise on closing an internship!
This guest blog post was written by PRSSA member Amber Foster.

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