Five Reasons Why Your Press Release Was Rejected.

In the PR world, writing a perfect press release and getting your story covered is an achievement every PR professional works towards. Writing a well worded press release definitely has a major role to play in getting your story covered but there are other elements that add to the perfection of a press release.

Everyday a great number of releases are rejected by reporters due to various reasons. Wondering why your press release was rejected? Below are five reasons why:

1. It’s too long– Concise, Brief and Succinct; the aforementioned words should be your best friends. In this fast paced world, reporters don’t have time to read through a long press release. Keep it short and to the point.

2. It’s not newsworthyAlways remember reporters want to cover something that’s newsworthy, they are not interested in a sales pitch.

3. No use of AP style-  In most cases when a reporter or journalist receives a press release, they use exactly what is given to them.  Not having your press release written in AP style gives reporters extra work.

4. No contact info- Why submit something so informative and not leave your contact info? Including your contact info is key to a press release; don’t make the mistake and forget this essential element.

5. Bad writing and bad grammar- Reporters hate bad writing and bad grammar. Therefore, take your time and re-read your release and get a second eye to point out any grammar mistakes.

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