The Powers of Twitter

Flights get delayed all the time. There really is not a problem with missing your flight, but when airlines are not accommodating and disrespectful to travelers, a major issue can become known.
On a recent trip home, I missed my connecting flight.  Stranded at the airport with no means of communication to contact those in the states, I did what anyone with access to the internet would, used the powers of Twitter. Distraught over the lack of respect and helpfulness of those presiding over the customer service desk in the airport, I decided to tweet directly to the airline at the appalling behavior of their employees. I was not expecting much but after hitting that infamous “tweet” button, I got an instant reply from the airline. Their response contained an apology and instructions to fill them in on the perimeters of the situation. 
The powers of Twitter are bigger than people realize. A simple message that was used merely to vent frustration, turned into a conversation with the airline about their service. Once a tweet is posted, it is tough to take it back without someone seeing it first. This tweet sent a powerful message to those on Twitter about the service of the airline, which in turn, could affect their business. Reputations are held to the fullest measure for companies, and when people utilize social media tools to possibly damage reputations, organizations are quick to react and rectify the situation. 
We live in a technology age where the Internet can be our most powerful tool. I am just one of the many examples of how a simple tweet can have a monumental impact. Tweets can be compared to secrets, once the tweet is out there; it is nearly impossible to get it back. Use your powers wisely! 
If you have had a similar situation with Twitter let us know, we would love to hear about it. 
This guest blog post was written by PRowl Staff Member Alie Curran. 

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