Revamp Your Facebook Posts

Many aspiring PR pros begin their careers with college internships. More recently, there have become an abundance of social media internships available across the nation. If you are a social media intern you are most likely in charge of the company’s Facebook page and, in recent years, getting people to engage with a brand through Facebook has been quite difficult.
Has the fan activity on your company’s Facebook page stalled? Is your “People talking about this” number shrinking instead of growing?
The solution could be as simple as posting better status updates. Here are a few examples from a Ragan article written by Kristin Piombino:

1.       Endorse something – when you share someone else’s content, offer your opinion. Perhaps adding “great tips” or “helpful piece” will change how people react to the post.

2.       Inspire action – if you post a cool picture, ask fans to pin it on Pinterest or share it on Instagram.


3.      Use images with text – Overlay text on an image to make it stand out on a newsfeed.


4.       Add a P.S. – it will grab the fans’ attention.


5.      Tell people what to expect – if you are linking to a video or article, tell fans how long it is. They’ll appreciate it. 

How do you engage your Facebook fans? We want to know!

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