Knowing Your Limits…

Yes, we all want to accomplish things in life, grow, develop and make a difference but it’s very important to know your limits and take things one step at a time. Is that conflicting to what you have been taught or have known? Well for me it is, I always want to do, do and do but its true humans do have limits and its impossible for someone to engage in numerous activities, give their 100% and not feel fatigued or overwhelmed.

This summer I must say I have been over ambitious and definitely tapped into my over achieving personality. I took up two internships, summer classes, a volunteering opportunity and a job. Woo! Yes its as exhausting as it sounds! In my little mind, I saw this as keeping myself occupied and busy to prevent me from feeling homesick and well its the summer, perfect time to gain experience right? Well, i learnt taking up more than you can handle only causes you to feel overwhelmed and overworked! Some people view being overwhelmed as a sign of weakness but its not. Its your body telling you its time to slow it down and take it easy.

So, instead of taking up everything that comes your way:

  •  Sit down and take time to figure out what are your priorities.
  •  Set out weekly or monthly goals that you can follow.
As you continue on your journey on becoming the best you or the best at your profession, don’t forget to take it easy and be good to yourself. You will accomplish the goals, you will get the experience you are looking for, just dont overwhelm yourself. As Clint Eastwood said ” A man must know his limitations.” Know yours!

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