Summer Internship Fashion

So, we have posted a blog directing our readers in the most fashionable way when it comes to dressing to impress for your summer internship interview. Although the first impression is most dreaded, some may wonder how to upkeep their professional and cool look all summer long. Philadelphia is no stranger to summer heat waves, and walking our bustling blocks in the less than breezy weather has given even the most prepared interns fashionable despair.
Typically, dress code during the warm summer months is slightly more casual, but as an intern there is a fine line between warm weather comfort and work appropriate. Here are a few general rules to consider when dressing office-friendly this summer while trying to not melt right into your swivel chair:

1.      The most important rule must be the ever popular, “If you are unsure of what you’re wearing is appropriate, DO NOT WEAR IT!” If you even have to ask, doesn’t that already give you an answer? Think about it…

2.      Shorts are not necessarily an automatic no-no. Take Anne Taylor Loft’s shorts designed perfectly for a professional work environment. The length is appropriate and the fit does not draw the wrong attention. Summer skirts follow the same rule, but I must suggest ModCloth’s pleated collection. Their length is office ideal, yet they are light-weight for summertime – let’s not be skinterns!

3.      To show the toes, or not, that is the question. Flip flops/sandals are always questionable dependent upon where one is interning. Feel out the rest of your colleagues before bearing the bare feet. In the meantime, you can pair some of these vibrant Aldo flats with your length-appropriate shorts/skirt for a happy medium.

4.      Mix and matching colors and prints makes a few articles of clothing go a long way. Take these looks for example in Redbook Magazine of how to make over 50 outfits from 21 pieces of clothing/ accessories.

5.      When in doubt, simply ask. Your direct boss or HR would be happy to give you a few guidelines to follow, and I guarantee asking gains respect too!

This guest blog post was written by PRowl Staff Member Nicole Leo.

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