Social Media Sweep: Clean Up Your Profile

Generation Y is all about online sharing, but when it comes to getting hired, how much sharing is too much? 

A recent study by Harris Interactive and CareerBuilder found that 43 percent of hiring managers who research candidates via social media say they’ve found information that caused them not to hire someone. This number is up 9 percentage points from last year.

Pictures from your wild spring break. Delete. Drunken tweet made at the bar. Delete. Post complaining about your new boss on your friend’s wall. Delete. Suggestive Instagram selfie. Delete. Basically, if you have to think about – delete it. 

The amount of employers who research candidates via social media is also up this year. Thirty-nine percent of hiring managers say they use social media to vet applicants, compared with 37 percent last year.

There has never been a better indication that now is the time to clean up your social media profiles. 

Employers who took the candidate out of the running for a job after looking at his social media profiles did so for the following reasons:

  • Candidate posted provocative/inappropriate photos (50%)
  • Candidate shared information about drinking or using drugs (48%)
  • Candidate bad mouthed a previous employer (33%)
  • Candidate had poor communication skills (30%)
Do you think twice before you post? We want to know!

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