Happiest Cities for Public Relations Professionals

As aspiring public relations professionals with goals of someday landing a job we love, it is helpful to know where we will be able to find that dream job. I was always told growing up that if I am doing something I enjoy I won’t work a day in my life, and that will be my goal as I enter into the workforce.
With that said, there is more opportunity for jobs in the public relations profession near a city than in a small town. The United States is full of cities with endless opportunity and various career paths in the public relations field. Each city has something unique to offer a recent college grad looking to embark on a journey.  
So, what are the happiest cities for public relations and marketing professionals? According to an article published on PR Daily earlier this year, the top 10 cities in the United States with the most satisfied workers in the industry were named based on a study performed by the American Marketing Association along with staffing agency Aquent: 
1. Phoenix
2. Indianapolis
3. Houston
4. St. Louis
5. Detroit
6. Charlotte
7. Boston
8. San Jose
9. Chicago
10. Austin
I hope to one day find a job in public relations near a city with opportunity to grow in my career. Perhaps I will end up in one of these cities and will be able to say that I, too, am happy with my job. Where will you go to pursue your dream job? Share with us!
This guest blog post was written by PRowl Staff Member Kaitlyn Mashack. 

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