How To: Make The Most of Your Summer Internship

Whether it is your first, second, or third internship, it’s important to know how to make the most out of a summer job. I have had many internships and jobs in the past where some were quite busy while others…not so much. Here are some helpful tips to cater to both busy and slow internships. 
If your internship is slow, always remember that you have the power to control the pace. Sure, maybe there is no work provided by your boss, but that does not mean that you stop trying to find tasks. 
  • Ask other departments for work: Currently, I work in the media planning industry for advertising. I know that if my team has no work for me to do, I can shoot out a quick email to different teams such as the creative or marketing teams. This can apply to any internship. 
If working in a fast pace environment, plan ahead and focus on one thing at a time. Let your team members know in advance the amount of work you are already carrying in order to prevent overload. The team would rather have quality work then a ton of projects completed in a haphazard manner. 
  • Ask questions: Although it is scary to ask when in doubt, asking questions is the best way for you to learn and your team to take back quality work. If you don’t know how to do something and you don’t ask a question, you are hurting the team as a whole! Don’t be afraid; it shows you are trying your best!
  • Make friends with coworkers/other interns: This part is often overlooked and is not taken seriously by interns. When working in an industry like communications, communication is key. The other interns are in the same boat as you and sometimes helping each other out makes the experience easier. Making friends with coworkers also is a good networking tool. You never know, a past co-worker, may already work for a job you apply for in the future!
Do you find yourself struggling in any of these areas? Utilize these tips in order to make the most out of your summer interning experience. 
This guest blog post was written by PRowl Staff Member Jessica Mancuso. 

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