The Supreme Court & Social Media

From the president to hundreds of municipal officials, many government-affiliated people and businesses have given in to social media. However, there is one federal agency that lacks social media use and does not seem to be giving in anytime soon; the U.S. Supreme Court.

After waiting all day to find out Wednesday’s two major decisions on very controversial issues, the social media world was buzzing with excitement. Hashtags like #DOMA #Prop8 and #Scotus were popping up all over the Twittersphere. Yet, the news of the decisions did not break digitally; they came out on paper.

Decisions by the high court are handed down pretty much as they’ve always been: written rulings posted without notice nor prior missives indicating timing or outcome. Once the rulings are issued they are then distributed in paper form simultaneously to interested parties. This old school process is deliberative and leak-free makes sense and seems to work well.

But, is there a chance the Supreme Court will delve into the ever-popular realm of social media? Experts think not however with a digital age upon us you never really know.

What do you think? Will the high court start tweeting in the future? We want to know your opinion!

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