Escape the Echo Chamber

Our tendencies as humans are to seek information that we will agree with or is well known and not pay any attention to opposing views. Partaking in the echo chamber and aspiring to be a PR professional is not a good match. In this world filled with news, information and different media, it’s not wise to solely depend on only one source of media. I know everyone has their specific likes and favorites but it’s advisable to get familiar with the different outlets.

If you are victim of partaking in the echo chamber I challenge you to escape it and open your mind and seek out other sources that will offer new perspectives and challenge your own postulations, instead of reinforcing  your existing opinions. It’s understood you mightn’t agree with some media but its always refreshing to hear or read someone else’s views.

I am from the Republic twin island of Trinidad and Tobago and coming to America to pursue my degree was my first step of escaping the echo chamber. I made the decision that i didn’t want to learn in a setting I’m accustomed to or learn a culture I already knew. My escape has definitely broaden my beliefs and changed my perspectives on a few things, even PR.

The following are other ways to escape this effect:
1. Read from media outlets you never experienced.

2.Learn from people who have a totally different culture from you. Observe their writing and views on certain topics.

3. Pay attention to people who have contrary views to one of your favorite outlet’s positions.

What other ways you can escape the echo chamber? Let us know!

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