PR in Your Pajamas

With virtual internships becoming more popular and many up-and-coming PR professionals offering their consulting services, there is an increasing amount of PR work that can be done from the comfort of your own home.

I am currently interning for a woman who is a PR powerhouse: juggling multiple clients, three children, and running a household.  She works out of her house and three days a week I join her at her kitchen table with my laptop and a notebook and we get a lot of work accomplished.  Now as beneficial as it is to be located so close to a coffee maker and unlimited snacks, working from home is actually a lot harder than I thought.  There are constant disruptions and you have to balance your work life and your home life every second.  When you’re in a cubicle or an office it’s a little easier to let your grocery list and social life slip from your mind.

It took a little adjusting, but I finally feel like I’ve gotten into a good mode when I work from home.  Here are a few pieces of advice I can offer to those of you who have or are thinking about applying for a virtual internship or a position that involves working from your couch:

1. Don’t actually work from your couch.  You need a desk, a chair, and a quiet space to get the most work done.
2. Remove distractions.  Let your roommates know when you’re working so they don’t come barging into your room to tell you about their day.
3. Take breaks.  If you get up and move around, have a snack, or just look away from your computer for a few minutes, you’re more likely to stay on task the rest of the time.

I think we’ve all harbored fantasies of working from home because it seems like a glamorous and effortless life.  Truthfully, it’s probably harder than working in an office.  Though it is pretty fun to write a press release in your pj’s!

3 thoughts on “PR in Your Pajamas

  1. Love this post, London! While I absolutely love working from home (who doesn't like staying in their PJs all day?), I could never do it all the time. Distractions are much more frequent and it can be difficult to stay motivated, so I greatly respect those who can. However, working from home one day a week has proven to be the perfect stress reliever – it's a nice change of pace and helps save on gas. 🙂 Especially loved the tip about not working from the couch, but your desk – that is definitely essential!

    Not for me, not now, not ever! There is no glamour in the idea of working from home for me. I like to get dressed and put my makeup on, mainly makeup in case I scare some innocent bystander. I need to have a work place to go to each day. Home is home ,work is work . I have to have a clear distinction between the two. If I am at home and something inspires me or I have an great idea then I will make a note of it. I may lose the note but if I don't it comes to work with me.
    I have a lot of experience in working from home, I fostered many children and of course did this 24/7 and even though I started with the thought that this would provide me with the time to work on what I love, art in its many forms, it never happened.
    The dishes, the heaps of laundry, grocery shopping and cooking for six kids was all I had time for. This doesn't even count the hours of cleaning house. As well there was always a doctor appointment, as well as a whole slew of other things.
    Not for me, I like getting out talking to adults, feeling like I am part of life and part of the human race. I can't take the isolation, and I need the stimulus and creativity of others. Even without a proper office, I will create a space to work by plunking myself down at a cafe. Actually my writing is better when I tap away on my laptop, somewhere other than home.
    Besides the fact that I work better, I must admit how much I dislike housework. I have a magnet on my fridge that says “Housework makes you ugly” .
    Motivation is just not available at home. I find setting a time limit, working until I have met it and walking to another coffee shop and setting another one helps me to reach a goal.
    I congratulate those who can and love working from their homes, however I do not belong to that tribe or clan.

  3. Niki,
    So glad you like the post! One day a week at home sounds like it would be the perfect balance, it's great that you're able to do that.

    Thanks for the feedback, it's nice to hear from someone who has experience working inside and outside the home!

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