Press Kits For Bloggers

Blogging has transformed over the years from a fun pastime to a lucrative industry full of creatives. As a blogger, making yourself and your content accessible to the press and to PR reps can only work in your best interest. One simple way to do this is by creating a press kit. A press kit is a package of material that is made available as a brief on a company or brand. The kit should tell a reader what your blog is about, some statistics on your blog, and a bit about you of course! As a blogger, you can get a little more crafty and creative with the presentation of your press kit than a corporation or magazine. Here are a few tips and tricks for creating a successful press kit:

  • Use elements of your blog – Include images that are on your blog to help solidify your brand and help viewers familiarize themselves with you. Take the header image that you use on your blog and make it the top of your press kit. If you use an image of yourself in the sidebar, include that image next to a short bio in your press kit.
  • Less is more – While it is great to have a fun and creative press kit, you don’t want to distract the viewer form getting essential info. Try using only one or two simple fonts, and implement white space. Too much color can be very overwhelming.
  • Include your demographic – If someone is viewing your press kit, it is likely because they want to work with you! Let them know the audience that you target so that they can decide if your blog is the right blog to partner with. This will save the hassle of going through pitches that don’t necessarily fit your blog.
  • Know your blog stats – How many people stop by your blog daily? Weekly? Monthly? These numbers are important to have in your press kit, so be sure to include them.
  • Social media is a must – Include all of your social media statistics in your press kit: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all others that apply! Your social media numbers indicate your online reach, and can work in your favor when looking for sponsorships!
  • Make it available – Be sure to create a space on your blog for your press kit. I recommend saving it as either a JPEG, PDF, or both for easy access.

Have you created a press kit for your blog? PR professionals, what do you like to see in a bloggers press kit? Let us know!

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