Freelance Philly

Being involved in the public relations industry, people often ask what kind of PR you are interested in working in.   There are always some stock answers.  People often respond by saying they want to work in entertainment PR, fashion PR, non-profit PR, political PR, and so on.  However, I recently came across some young PR professionals who were exploring, in my opinion, a more nontraditional PR sector: freelance PR.  
Now, I think the idea of freelance PR gets pushed under the rug far too often. So many people dream of working for huge, widely successful PR firms, and who can blame them? But, these reputable firms didn’t just happen overnight; they had to start somewhere. Perhaps with a freelance vision?
With that thought in place, I started digging.  I wanted to learn as much as I could about this freelance PR scene, and I was surprised to find that entrepreneurial PR is actually booming in Philadelphia.  Below are two that really stood out to me, and are definitely something to think about for your next internship!
1.  The first that I came across is called Philly PR Girl.  As you will find in the website, the Philly PR Girl is actually an entrepreneur-minded young woman named Kate Marlys. Marlys launched her company in 2010 after 6 years of working in non-profit management.  Her vision includes building awareness for small business, and creating networking events in the city of Philadelphia. She offers a wide range of PR services, from social media to event planning to marketing collateral design.  Check her out @Philly_PR_Girl!
2.  The next is called Piqued PR. After landing on the beautifully designed website, you would never guess that Piqued PR was actually founded this year by former Immaculata University fashion merchandising student, Patricia Maristch. Aside from her fashion background, this young PR pro has had years of retail experience, and her services include everything from blogging to styling to brand development. Check her out @PiquedPR!
All this talk of freelance PR has me wondering, “What’s your PR vision?”  Share it with us! 
This guest blog post was written by PRowl Staff Member Chris Covone.

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