PRSSA National Leadership Rally Recap

This past weekend I had the pleasure to travel to Scottsdale, Arizona to represent Temple’s chapter of PRSSA at PRSSA National Leadership Rally! The weekend was filled with incredible speakers, breakout sessions that left you feeling more motivated than ever, and almost 100 eager PRSSA Presidents, ready to take their chapter to the next level!

I learned about myself as a leader, how to handle an executive board and so much more!

“Enhance your education. Extend your network. Prepare for success.”

Key Points:

1. I cannot do it all. It is important for people in leadership positions to realize you cannot do it all. I only have one year as president and I need to learn to be able to delegate. Our keynote speaker,      Gary McCormick, a PR professional for HGTV told us, “You need to be decisive. If you can’t delegate, you can’t be decisive”

2. Leading is an art, not a science. I learned the importance of respect towards your executive board as well as your members. An important point that was reiterated multiple times was that followers select their leaders; leaders do not select their followers. I cannot force myself onto members, some people may not want to participate, instead, I need to learn to wait for people to come to me and then build a relationship from that.

The equation for a leader
Self Sacrifice + Self Examination + Self Control = Personal success in leadership

3. There are continued benefits of PRSSA. We tend to get busy with schoolwork and internships. Our lives take over and forget the long term benefits of PRSSA and why we joined in the first place. The weekend brought me back to myself as an eager freshman, ready to start my PR career. PRSSA offers you the opportunity to enhance your education, extend your network and prepare for success, the building blocks of your victorious future.

I left PRSSA Leadership Rally motivated and ready to make strides as the President of Temple’s chapter. I learned how to lead as well as how to know when it is time to step back. I realize I cannot do it all but I can trust my chapter to help me whenever I need it and I know that I have over 100 members that will help me make this year a success!

What benefits have you received from PRSSA? Do you consider yourself a leader?

This event recap was written by Temple PRSSA President Brianna Rooney.

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