Why You Should Be Evaluating the Interviewer Too

The night-before jitters strike. Picking the perfect outfit and making sure you are well prepared for your interview are common behaviors. The moment you have been waiting for arrives and you’re ready to go. But what happens when your interviewer appears to fall short? Unfortunately, there are many components of a faulty interview. A meaningful understanding of the interview provides a foundation to determine your future working environment. Take into consideration the following telltale signs after your interview. 
  1. “Tell me a little about yourself, I haven’t had a chance to look at your resume” – If that is the case, run. This is a negligent approach to an interview. It shows little thought and lack of interest of a prospective employee. After all, you’ve done your research on the company, so it is only fair that they reciprocate.
  2. Easily Distracted – The interview has been scheduled for a specific time. Lunch and snacks should have been taken care of, and the utmost attention should be present by both the interviewer and interviewee. If the interviewer continues to look around, answer emails, or complete other tasks, then it is clear that they are inattentive.
  3. “I’m not sure.”- The interview is reaching the end, and it is your turn to ask a few questions. The last response you want to hear is “I don’t know.”  If an interviewer or outside resource cannot give adequate answers to your questions, then it shows that there is a lack of familiarity and knowledge within the company.
Reflect and evaluate your first encounter with your potential employer as soon as you leave an interview. If you do not feel comfortable or satisfied, write a pro and con list to assist you before reaching a decision. The internal communication and culture of an organization or company is ultimately the most influential component in cultivating your future productivity, teamwork, and overall happiness. 
Share your favorite interview story with us!
This guest blog post was written by PRowl Staff Member Caitlin Kummeth.

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