How To: Dress For A Summer Interview

With the temperature rising as we continue into the summer season, dressing for summer interviews gets a bit tricky. Summer is the season of bright colors, short-shorts, light tank tops and airy sundresses. Interviews call for dark hues, stiff blazers, long pants and stuffy button-down shirts.

The best advice I have ever received in regards to interview wardrobes was “Dress to impress,” Even if you are interviewing with a company that tends to dress a little more casual, always stick to a business casual approach.

Although the summer weather may make dressing in a suit or blazer uncomfortable, it is always important to dress up instead of dressing down. You should always look well-groomed and neatly dressed for an interview, no matter what season. 

Here are three essentials of a summer interview outfit:

Blazer: Summer calls for blazers, which are more casual than suit jackets but are still professional. Try to choose a neutral color, perhaps a light color. 

Button Down Shirt: A white, cotton button down is key for any summer interview outfit.

Dress Pants: Pants should also be a neutral color. Khakis are key for summer interviews. Women can substitute pants with cropped pants or ankle-length skirts.  

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