From Mentee to Mentor

When is it that you go from being a mentee, to becoming a mentor in your own right? I have recently gone through this transition myself and to be honest, there are no clear cut signs. As PR students, it is easy for us to get caught up in our work, head down and full speed ahead. What we have to remember is that sometimes we need to look up and look around us. Oftentimes we’ll find that we have accomplished much more than we realized. We get appointed to executive boards of different organizations on campus, land a great summer internship, or even just ace a really difficult PR course. No matter what the accomplishment, we need to slow down long enough to appreciate them, not just for ourselves, but for other students around us.
With those accomplishments come experience that can be shared with others. Questions that you used to ask, you now have the answers to. “How do I apply to E-Board, what should I bring to my internship interview, and how on Earth did you pass that class?!” You now have first-hand experience that can help another student achieve the same goals or inspire them to strive for some of their own.
I know it may feel a bit intimidating or awkward mentoring someone close to your own age, but you simply have to get over it! If you have the answers that another student is searching for, wouldn’t it behoove you to help them? Through your mentorship, you could potentially foster a future E-Board member or encourage them to go after an amazing opportunity. After all, at one point you were the mentee that needed guidance. It is important for us to pause long enough to recognize when it is time to return the favor.
What experience have you gained in the past year? Have you shared it with others? We want to know!

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